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Tired of Talk? Increased Rest Now!

The last thing Flight Attendants need is more studies, more talking about how to tackle fatigue. We're tired of talk. We need rest already.

Hidden in Plane Sight

STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING ON OUR PLANES. AFA-CWA has launched a massive campaign to take real action against Human Trafficking – we call on the aviation industry to join forces to abolish human trafficking on our planes. 

Contaminated Cabin Air

Numerous Air Safety Agencies have called for contaminated air detection systems to be fitted to commercial aircraft to prevent flight safety being compromised and to warn when their air is contaminated. The industry has ignored these calls and continues to fail to inform passengers when they have been exposed to contaminated air on aircraft.

DOT Should Reject NAI's Foreign Air Carrier Application

The Department of Transportation (DOT) will soon decide whether or not to grant controversial low-cost airline Norwegian Air International (NAI) a foreign air carrier permit to fly to the U.S. NAI is seeking to establish a "flag of convenience" model in transatlantic aviation, just as has been done in merchant shipping since the 1950s.

Stop Human Trafficking

Last year the highest governing body of our union, the AFA Board of Directors, unanimously passed a resolution committing to educate members on ways to end human trafficking.

January 9, 2017


As we enter 2017, the first and most important resolution we need to make is taking at least one action a week in support of our careers. The NAI model is an attack on our right to bargain our contracts or even organize to defend and advance our careers. Take action now. Watch the video >


It is critical that we press President Obama every day until inauguration to reverse the DOT approval of the NAI foreign air carrier permit. The issue is urgent and we have no time to waste. Use instructions in this newsletter to give our message the weight of all Flight Attendants and other aviation workers taking action together to defend our jobs. Each of us spending just a few minutes each day packs a powerful punch. Do not think you are "done" when you sign the petition, make a call or send a tweet - get 5 others to do the same and repeat the next day. We can do this - together. 


Sign the Petition:

Tweet the President to stand up for our jobs and #DenyNAI: 

Click to Tweet: Don’t let sweatshop airlines define your aviation legacy, @POTUS:  #DenyNAI 

Click to Tweet: Stop the first step to outsourcing US Aviation jobs, @POTUS: #DenyNAI 

Click to Tweet: Don't let the destruction of 300K good jobs in the US aviation industry be the Obama legacy, @POTUS. #DenyNAI

Norwegian Air Case will Define the President’s Aviation Legacy

AFL-CIO's Transportation Trades Department (TTD) President Ed Wytkind writes today in The Hill on #DenyNAI:

"President Obama can stop this. He can intervene and the secretary of Transportation can amend or revoke the DOT’s Dec. 3 order because it is in the public interest to do so. If President Obama fails to reverse this decision, it will be left to President-elect Donald Trump to ensure that our aviation trade agreements are fully enforced.  Norwegian Air shouldn’t be rewarded for bad behavior — it should be forced to play by the same rules as every other airline in the transatlantic market." Read the full Op-Ed > and back it up!

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders Calls on the President to Stand Up for Good U.S. Aviation Jobs

"Unless DOT’s decision is reversed, it will be an open invitation to other foreign carriers to create flag-of-convenience subsidiaries, threatening the middle class jobs of thousands of flight attendants, mechanics, pilots and other airline workers in our country. We must do everything we can to prevent a global race to the bottom in the airline industry," Sanders wrote. Read the full letter from Sen. Sanders >  and back it up!

TSA Features Crew Member Self Defense Training

Run. Hide. Fight. Everyone is familiar with how to deal with certain threats on the ground. But the rules are different at 35,000 feet. TSA worked with our union to feature the Crew Member Self Defense training—teaching airline crew members how to defend themselves – and the aircraft – from terrorists. This is open to all airline crew members, voluntarily. We encourage everyone to take this course as we continue to press for this training to as a mandatory part of our safety and security training. Watch the full video >v
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